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Teaming up with Allmade Apparel

I Give a Shirt not only cares about the important causes we feature each month on our t-shirts, we care about how the shirts were made and how the shirts impact the environment. It wouldn’t make sense if the shirt we printed on didn’t align with the causes we stand for.

Because of this, we have teamed up with Allmade Apparel. Every Allmade shirt helps create dignified living wage jobs, has a lower impact on the environment, and changes the pattern of exploitative manufacturing in the garment industry.

A Better Shirt for a Better Tomorrow

With I Give a Shirt choosing to use Allmade shirts, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or fashion to support the causes you believe in.

Allmade's Tri-blend shirts are probably the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever wear. Their unique and proprietary blend is built from 50% Repreve® polyester from recycled plastic; 25% organic, U.S. grown, combed, ring spun cotton, and 25% TENCEL™ Modal (a man-made fiber known for its extreme softness). These sustainable fibers combine to create a soft, flexible, and smooth fabric which looks as good as it feels.

The shirts don’t have a boxy look, but they aren’t overly tight either. You could consider them a “relaxed fashion fit”. Allmade’s tees are slightly longer than normal and include tapered shoulders that maximize comfort.

Environmentally Responsible

Did you know that the average cotton shirt takes over 700 gallons of water to create? And a garment travels on average 16,000 miles before you wear it?

Allmade is committed to ensuring each shirt is made in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Each Allmade tri-blend shirt is contains 6 recycled plastic water bottles, keeping plastic out of landfills and our oceans. Instead of chemical cotton, Allmade uses naturally grown and sustainable organic cotton and Tencel Modal, which uses no chemicals and take a fraction of the environmental resources to grow. Overall, 70% less water is used in production compared to your standard cotton shirt.

Most of the production of Allmade happens within the United States. The shirts are cut and sewn in Haiti, which is only a 30-minute flight from Florida. This keeps the transportation loop is extremely tight, using less fuel and having less environmental impact than other clothing manufacturers.

Ethical Production

Safe and comfortable working conditions are a fundamental right. Allmade is dedicated to a transparent supply chain and ethical production standards. This is setting the new standard in the industry that most of us think of as the water polluting, sweatshop industry.

Allmade is committed to paying living wages and providing dignified work. They abide by strict labor laws, for the best interest of their employees. At their manufacturing facility in Haiti, Allmade offers more than 3x the going rate for like jobs in the area, health benefits, and paid holidays to their employees. You might not know exactly who made your clothing, but what you can be sure of, is that it once touched the hard working hands of someone with hopes of a better future.

By purchasing I Give a Shirt’s cause apparel, manufactured by Allmade, you can help provide more living wage jobs in Haiti.

Support with a Better Shirt

In addition to providing living wage jobs in Haiti and purchasing an environmentally friendly t-shirt, all donation proceeds from May’s limited-edition t-shirts support charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. You, as a supporter, can help provide clean drinking water, which means education, income and health - especially for women and kids.

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