Become a Retail Partner

Impact Your Business & the World

Every day, small retail businesses struggle to stand out from their competition and to simply keep their doors open. I Give a Shirt is committed to help hard-working small business owners deepen the genuine connections with their customers and the causes that matter most to them.

In return, as a Retail Partner, you help us empower a culture that wears their heart on their sleeves. Be rewarded for doing something that impacts the world. Increase your revenue through offering monthly, limited-edition t-shirt, uniquely designed for a worthy cause. Create satisfied customers who are more loyal, more likely to buy and more likely to recommend your retail business.

Benefit You & Your Customers

No Cost of Inventory

You don’t need to put up a single dollar towards inventory. In fact, the shirts are all sold online. The monthly cause campaign rotation keeps things fresh as well.

Track Performance

Each month, we stock your display with the latest design sample and marketing materials to drive your customers to a unique website link that credits each sale to you. We’ll give you regular reports on how things are going.

High Potential Sales per Sq.Ft.

Taking up only one square foot, the floor-standing display makes good use of your space. A mere 2 shirt sales per week exceeds the retail industry average per square foot!

Cause Marketing

Consumers are increasingly looking to businesses as a force for positive social impact. You are adding value to the relationship between you and your next customer. You are teaming up to cause change in ways that matter to each of you.

Become a Retail Partner

Any business location that has public foot traffic is welcome to apply to be a Retail Partner, and we review each application carefully and make the final decision eligibility. I Give a Shirt will be working with a limited number of high-quality retail locations.